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Callie, 16, is one of the newly adopted siblings of the Foster family and is shown to be quite head strong and deeply loving of her baby brother, Jude. She and Brandon worked together to get Jude out of an abusive house from their foster father after Callie was sent to juvie for destruction of property when she took a baseball bat to her foster fathers car in order to stop him from hitting her little brother, leaving him alone with their abusive "father". Stoic and silent, she has walls up that only Brandon has seen fall. Due to her somewhat violent past and newfound closeness of the the Foster family, she is shown and hinted at to be the target for several people around her brothers and sisters, one of them being Talya, Brandon's girlfriend. Talya is shown to have great dislike for Callie, to which she quickly covers up to hide her jealously in front of Brandon and others, and Callie appears to take little notice of her hatred as she tries to be friendly to her. Callie is shown to love music, specifically the guitar, to which her and Brandon immediately connect over. Their love for music extends further when Brandon gives her his old guitar and invites her to play with him. Her body is heavily bruised and lean, a result from dealing with an abusive foster father and her juvie cell mates. She is soon to be roommates with Mariana.

Portrait by: Maia Mitchell

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